Lindsey Wilson is a NYC singer-songwriter with a flare for nostalgia with her memorable mix of 70's style urban folk rock and conscious lyrics. Throughout her musical career, Lindsey Wilson has embraced issues of the heart and mind within her original music. Love songs, protest tunes and lyrics of empowerment have all been a true representation of her style and sensibilities. Her songs “Stand for the People” and the “People Shall Rise” have caught the attention of culturally diverse audiences throughout the country. Lindsey's influences stem from a myriad of musically conscious voices such as Odetta, Richie Havens, Joni Mitchell, and Joan Armatrading. However, Lindsey's message is truly her own. 

As a strong supporter of her community.  Lindsey has worked as a Board member for Kupanda Sisters, Inc. She has travelled to Guyana, South America on behalf of the organization as Executive Music Director for Kupanda Sisters, Inc. While there, she facilitated musical empowerment workshops for children. Lindsey is currently employed as a Workforce Development Specialist, for a non-profit organization serving young adults and their families along the East coast.

Lindsey Wilson & The Human Hearts @ The Newburgh Illuminated Festival

Lauded urban folk artist/songwriter Lindsey Wilson wows crowds by embracing issues of the heart and mind”

— Beacon Free Press

Lindsey performing LIVE at BMCC Tribeca Performance Arts Center

Lindsey Wilson Performing at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center

Lindsey at the Howland Center in Beacon, NY